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Nov 28, 2023

The US Government cannot just print money endlessly. The Federal Reserve is required to hold assets equal to every dollar in circulation. 
The majority of those assets are treasury bonds. Bonds are a debt instrument. When the government sells a bond, it promises to pay a fixed interested rate for a certain period of...

Nov 21, 2023

The Biden Administration is taking credit for inflation reducing 65%

-          Prices of goods are still increasing.

-       Inflation has not been under 4% annual since May 2021.

-       This is double the Federal Reserve target inflation rate of 2% annually for a stable economy.

-          The Biden administration's...

Nov 14, 2023

 Expect Interest Rates Higher for Longer! Why? The Debt Spiral is Accelerating
Due to higher interest rates, the interest on the debt is increasing faster than expected. The interest on the debt now exceeds $1 trillion annually. The cost of interest has doubled in the past 19 months. 
According to the Congressional...