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Dec 26, 2023

The Colorado Supreme Court dis-enfranchised millions of voters. We are in uncharted legal water. Will our constitution survive this blatant attack?
This is not about Trump. This is about Marxists taking away citizens’ Constitutional rights. This is what dictators and communists do to their political opponents. 
If a government is powerful enough to take away your right to vote, it is powerful enough to take other rights. What other rights are the current administration going to attack?


The establishment sees Trump as a threat. Once he obtains the Republican nomination, expect chaos to try to stop him.

The establishment has shown they are willing to do anything to stop Trump. Including taking away citizens’ right to vote for the candidate of their choice. Including shutting down the economy, imposing mask mandates, and forcing you to inject an experimental shot or you lose your job/career. What other actions are they willing to take to protect their control, power, and money?



I predict 2024 could become very chaotic. Risk in 2024 likely will be highly elevated. We are in uncharted political waters.


Market risk will likely be higher. Reduce your market risk. Diversify a portion of your portfolio into guaranteed options.


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