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Feb 13, 2024

The farmer protests in Europe should become a wake-up call. 
The European Union's nature restoration law, was attempting to set legally binding "Green New Deal" style targets to restore at least 20% of the EU's land and sea areas by 2030. Europe is dealing with increasing food prices. Taking agricultural land out of productive use reduces food production. 
One of the most basic human needs is food. It hurts people and the economy. It hurts lower income the most. This makes no logical sense. 
Farmers are conservationists. They want their land to remain productive. It is how they make their living and take care of their families. Farmers don't need unelected bureaucrats, most with no farming experience, telling them how to do their jobs. 
This is a common thread with government. Do you want government bureaucrats telling you how to do your job or run your business? No. That is ridiculous. 
What government leaders, both elected and unelected, need to understand is that the American people don't want them to do anything except keep our country safe and secure. Do their job and stay out of our lives. We just want them to leave us alone!
The only way they will learn this lesson is for us to vote them out. We need to replace them with representatives that will represent us, not themselves or their own agenda.
I predict 2024 could become very chaotic. Risk in 2024 likely will be highly elevated. We are in uncharted political waters. Market risk will likely be higher.
- Market risk will likely be higher. Protect your money. Reduce your market risk. Diversify. Have some guaranteed assets.
- The government will be pressured to increase revenues as debt increases. Raising taxes is one method. Create a tax-free bucket of money.
Your Personal Bank dividends are interest rate sensitive and will thrive in a higher interest rate environment. Dividends are likely to increase for the next several years due to higher interest rates. 
Your Personal Bank funds grow income tax-free and you can access tax-free. This shields you from likely higher future tax rates. You can grow your money safely, with guarantees, tax-free, and highly liquid.

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