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Oct 24, 2023

Show Description: Ferenc shares the role the current administration has played to contribute to terrorism and the current Middle Eastern War. US tax dollars are supporting terrorism. These actions have made the world, our security, and our economy significantly less safe. 
The current speaker battle in the House of Representatives demonstrates why the Republican party struggles to accomplish to goals of their voters. About 20 representatives are refusing to elect Jim Jorden as speaker. Most are from Republican districts. The overwhelming majority of their constituents want Jorden as speaker. These representatives are demonstrating that they represent their donors, not their constituents.
Most of the representatives that are blocking Jim Jordan as speaker also vote with Democrats as often as they vote with Republican priorities. Most of them run as conservatives, make promises that conservative voters like, then do nothing except become wealthy. They misrepresent, and lie to their constituents. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are often referred to as RINO's (Republican in name only).
The good news is that they have identified themselves with this action. These representatives need to be primaried and replaced with legitimate conservatives that hopefully do not compromise their values when elected. About 200 Republicans did vote for Jim Jordan as speaker, so this problem can be fixed.
The bad news is we need to get though the next year until these RINO's can be replaced. The House of Representatives is the only thing holding back the Biden administration from even more government spending and bad policies for our country. If the RINO's in the Republican party work with the Democrats, things could get a lot worse.
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