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Mar 19, 2024

Many Americans are unaware that the US Census counts all people, including Illegal Immigrants. Population determines the number of House seats for each state. This also determines Electoral College votes for President. 
Based on the 2020 Census, it is estimated illegal immigrants account for about 20 House seats, mostly from Democrat states.
Several Democratic states have lost House seats due to population loss. Sanctuary cities create a magnet for illegal immigrants. If they had not been counted, Democratic states would have lost more House seats.
This is the reason Democrats support open borders and illegal immigration. Even if illegal immigrants do not vote, Democrats are receiving about 20 extra House seats and about 5% of the Electoral College. 
This dilutes the vote of US citizens.
Millions of illegal immigrants have entered the country since 2020. If they are counted in the next Census, Democratic states will receive more House seats and Electoral College votes.
Political power affects our country, our society, and our money. Unless the border is closed and illegal immigrants are deported, political power will be skewed heavily to the Democrat party for decades.
I believe we are in for a chaotic year and a bumpy economic ride this year. It would be wise to protect your assets. Diversify. Reduce your risk. Reduce your tax liability. Increase returns safely. Increase liquidity to take advantage of future opportunities.
Your Personal Bank can help you accomplish all of the above and create positive cash flow on money you invest or spend.

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