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Apr 9, 2024

The compound effects of inflation over the past 3 years is forcing many Americans to make difficult financial decisions.
When the federal government spends more than it receives through tax revenues, it prints the extra dollars. This increases the amount of currency in circulation. Extra dollars chasing products and services increases prices. This is the cause of inflation.
The US government is expected to spend $2.5 trillion more than it will receive in tax revenues in fiscal year 2023. As long as the federal government continues to spend more than it receives, inflation and interest rates will be pushed higher. This is the reason the Federal Reserve has stated to "expect higher for longer" regarding interest rates.
I believe we are in for a chaotic year and a bumpy economic ride this year. It would be wise to protect your assets. Diversify. Reduce your risk. Reduce your tax liability. Increase returns safely. Increase liquidity to take advantage of future opportunities.
When the government spends more than it receives, it has to sell bonds to off-set the currency. As long as the federal government continues to print money, bond interest rates will remain higher. Currently, there is no political will to reduce spending. 
The federal government's excess spending creates an opportunity. Insurance company dividends are highly interest rate sensitive. Dividends are expected to increase for the next 5-10 years. You earn dividends insured, guaranteed, tax-free and highly liquid. You can take advantage of the government's financial irresponsibility.

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